Available in a variety of colour’s.


The VOZZ Helmet combines safety, comfort and performance in a revolutionary
way, that will make the pull on pull off helmet extinct. Get unhinged and never


The Voztec™ system has been developed by the directors Mr. Mark Bryant and Mr.
Johnny Vozzo and is suitable for incorporation into any full face Helmet. The
Company intends to incorporate the system into a selection of Helmet products
that are robust, meet a market need, are technologically advanced and can be
produced at a sustainable and competitive cost.

The benefits of a rear access designed helmet allow the lower edge of the chin
bar to be rolled therefore creating a rounder shape chin bar that fits
extremely close to the user’s jaw line, creating a helmet with less snag points
than conventional full face helmets.

Further design requirements allows for a closer fitting helmet, as the size of
the helmet is not affected by the opening size at the bottom of the helmet (as
do typical helmets which need to allow a wider access to allow the head to fit
into the helmet). As the helmet has an opening rear access, the helmet can be
made to fit closer.

The other significant safety advantages the Voztec® enjoys over its current
competition is the emergency safety release system and the fully adjustable
chin cup that replaces the old-fashioned chinstrap. Both of these changes have
significantly improved the safety of full face helmets firstly by allowing
medical personal access if required to the users head in the case of an
accident without having to cut the helmet off (especially useful in remote
situations) and secondly the new fully adjustable chin cup is not subject to
strap creep and also allows the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled to
produce a helmet with fewer snag points.